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Alpaca Associations
 Alpaca Owners Association, inc.
 The Canadian Llama and Alpaca Association

Working Dog Associations
 American Kennel Club
 United Kennel Club
 Canine Federation of Canada

Llama Associations
 International Lama Registry

Horse Associations
 Arabian Horse Association
 The Appaloosa Horse Club
 The Clydesdale Breeders of the United States
 The Clydesdale Horse Society
 Spotted Saddle Horse Breeders & Exhibitors Association
 Desert Norman Horse Registry
 American Buckskin Registry Association, Inc.
 American Morgan Horse Association
 American Miniature Horse Registry
 Purebred Spanish Horse Stud Book
 American Paint Horse Association
 American Quarter Horse Association
 The Colorado Ranger Horse Association
 Gypsy Horse Registry of America, Inc.
 Gypsy Vanner Horse Society
 International Andalusian & Lusitano Horse Association
 International Caspian Society
 Kentucky Natural Gaited Horse
 The Miniature Horse Club of Great Britain
 Mountain Pleasure Horse Association
 Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry
 Palomino Horse Association
 The Performance Horse Registry
 Rocky Mountain Horse Association
 UK American Miniature Horse Society
 The United States Hunter Jumper Association
 International Horse Registry

Goat Associations
 National Pygmy Goat Association (NPGA)
 Zwartbles Sheep Associations
 American Boer Goat Association
 United States Boer Goat Association
 Cascade Boer Goat Association
 International Fainting Goat Association
 Miniature Silky Fainting Goat Association
 The Myotonic Goat Registry
 The National Toggenburg Club
 North American Savannah Association
 The Eastern Cashmere Association
 Northwest Cashmere Association
 Colored Angora Goat Breeders Association
 America Angora Goat Breeders Association
 Eastern Angora Goat and Mohair Association
 The Alpines International Club
 The American Dairy Goat Association
 Arapawa Goat Breeders
 The Australian Cashmere Growers Association Inc
 The Old Irish Goat Society
 International Kiko Goat Associations, inc.
 National Saanen Breeders Association
 The American Kiko Goat Association
 Kinder Goat Breeders Association
 American LaMancha Club
 Miniature Dairy Goat Association
 American Goat Society, inc.
 American Nigora Goat Breeder's Association
 Oberhasli Breeders of America
 The Pygora Breeders Association
 The Canadian Goat Society
 Nigerian Dairy Goat Association
 Pedigree International
 World Wide Sheep and Goat archives, inc.

Donkey Associations
 The National Miniature Donkey Association
 The American Donkey and Mule Society
 The North American Saddle Mule Association
 American Mammoth Jackstock Registry
 Canadian Donkey and Mule Association
 International Miniature Donkey Registry

Cattle Associations
 American Chianina Association
 American Dexter Cattle Association
 The American Jersey Cattle Association
 Cattlemens Texas Longhorn Registry
 Piedmontese Association Of The United States
 Pineywoods Cattle Registry & Breeders Association
 The Randall Cattle Registry, Inc.
 The American Aberdeen Association
 Australian Lowline Cattle Association
 Canadian Blonde dAquitaine Association
 British White Cattle Association of America

Bison Associations
 National Bison Association

Sheep Associations
 North American Shetland Sheepbreeders Association
 The Cormo Sheep Conservation Registry, Inc
 United Horned Hair Sheep Association, Inc.
 National Sheep Association
 St. Augustine Hair Sheep Association
 American Corriedale association, Inc.
 American Coopworth Registry
 American Jacob Sheep Registry
 Canadian Livestock Records Corporation
 Finnsheep Breeders Association
 Gotland Sheep Breeders Association of North America
 National Babydoll Southdown Sheep Association
 Natural Colored Wool Growers Association
 National Tunis Sheep Registry
 Olde English Babydoll Southdown Registry
 St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeders, Inc.
 Texel Sheep Breeders Society

Rabbit Associations
 American Rabbit Breeders Associations, Inc.

Pig Associations
 Idaho Pasture Pig Registry
 Large Black Hog Association
 The Juliana Pig Association & Registry
 Tamworth Swine Association
 The American Mulefoot Hog Association
 Red Wattle Hog Association
 The British Pig Association
 Certifies Pedigreed Swine
 National Swine Registry
 Gloucestershire Old Spots of America Inc
 National Hereford Hog Association
 Oxford Sandy and Black Pig Society
 American KuneKune Pig Society
 The New Zealand Kunekune Association
 National Pork Producers Council
 British Lop Pig Association
 The American Guinea Hog Association

Chicken Associations

Turkey Associations

Duck Associations

Turkey Associations

Yak Associations

Camel Associations

Emu Associations
 American Emu Association

Turkey Associations